zondag 28 oktober 2018


Where did time go? Life bulldozered it's way into my plans and I came to a screeching halt. My last post was September 9th, it is now October 28. But really, it feels like I just blinked!

It means I missed all of your updates!! I will be catching up with your blogs the coming days. That means I won't be doing much on my house as there just aren't enough hours in a day but at least you know why.

It's not like nothing happened at all, I did go to a miniature fair and I had that workshop work bench. So let me show you what I bought and what I made.

I bought a fabulous Hästens bed, a crochet bedspread for the bedroom of the Ancestors house, a living room table, lights, cold porcelain and a fridge. I did not break the bank this time. I was looking for a modern wardrobe and a modern toilet and sink but there were none.

I love the fridge and as a plantbased foodie I would love to have one just like that in real life. The kitchen in the Willowcrest is very small though, maybe too small for such a fridge?

As for the bedroom: I had to shorten the headboard a little but now I realize the purple wall doesn't fit. And the bed is big. Being in the front, it dominates the room. I was planning to put a wardrobe against the wall in front of the doors. In real life, I don't know if I would like to sleep in front of the doors. That's why I situated the bed on the purple wall. But now I don't know what to do. It's not like I really have to sleep there 😂
All I would need to do is change the bedside lights. I still want to make feet under the bed to lift it from the floor.

This ↑ or This↓? What do think?

 View from the hallway

I love the light through the windows!

And now for the work bench. The bench and dollhouse were already assembled.
All the rest had to be made and everything needed to be painted, and of course personalized. Please poke the pictures for a better view.

I added flowers to the dollhouse front gable which gave me the opportunity to display the mini tweezers from a previous post.

A work bench has to be scratched and covered in paint.

I had initially planned the work bench in the alcove, that's how I designed my lighting plan but looking at it, I don't think it fits well at all.

So I decided to change it around and it looks way better now. Of course this too will mean a change in the lighting plan.

Of course the exterior of the house still needs lots of work but I dread punching out the small parts from the dry and brittle wood. For now I am going to catch up with almost 2 months of your posts!

22 opmerkingen :

  1. Great purchases! The refrigerator is stunning!
    I love the work room and all the little dollhouses, especially the one in work process.
    Hugs, Drora

  2. A splendid work! I really like the natural lighting of the room and the 2 positions of the bed are suitable.
    The work desk and its accessories are very realistic and the corner of the room is better than the alcove.
    I admire the mini-house ..

    1. Thank you. I also like the 2 positions of the bed. Still don't know which one to choose! :-)

  3. Hello Veronique! I appears that you are struggling with EXACTLY the Same dilemma I faced with the bed placement. There are plusses and minuses with both positions however I must say that I like the photo of the filtered sun shining through the louvered blinds onto the bed and the view through the double doors which is really grand!

    1. I know, that sunlight is so beautiful! That makes it so difficult!

  4. Hello Veronique,
    What beautiful work! I love the bed. I think I prefer it next to the bedroom door. Having it facing the doors makes circulation a little odd in that room.
    Your work table is just wonderful.
    If you are looking form modern fittings, you might check out Elf miniatures http://www.elfminiatures.co.uk/

    Big hug

    1. Thanks Giac, I love Elf miniatures but even they don't have what I am looking for! Maybe I must rethink what I want.
      As for the bed, I also thought it would be awkward to move in the room if the bed is in front of the doors. Still haven't decided what to do. Decisions, decisions... ;-)

  5. It's so nice to have you back again, and I know what you mean about time passing in the blink of an eye! You picked some really lovely things from the show - the fridge is going to be so much fun to fill up!
    I think the bedroom would look lovely with a black on white toile wallpaper to compliment that gorgeous bed. I think either placement will work, but getting the other pieces in all together will really help to decide.
    The work bench is just adorable and I love how you've accessorized! And the second placement looks perfect for the space! Good luck with the wiring swaps, and I hope life gives you much more time to play!

    1. Thanks Jodi! What a wonderful idea, the black and white toile wallpaper. One thing is for certain, this bedroom will keep me occupied for quite a while ;-)

  6. Ja, tijd vliegt, Véronique, hier is het t zelfde liedje, maar ik ben blij te zien dat ook jij je weer onder ons, bloggers, begeeft ;)!
    Jouw Hästens bed is net als de echte, ik zou er zo een lekker dutje op kunnen doen. Ja, hoe het bed beste kan staan.....ik vind beide opties wel wat hebben maar daar heb jij niets aan. Gezien vanuit de deuren is het misshcien wat vol in de kamer...maar zó met dat zonlicht erop is wel mooi! Die gehaalte sprei is ook een juweeltje.
    Jouw werkbank om een poppenuis te maken is erg leuk geworden, bij wie heb je deze workshop gevolgd als ik vragen mag? Ik heb er nog nooit over gehoord namelijk.
    De grote koelkast schreeuwt om gevuld te worden met de lekkerste etenswaren, prima aanschaf waar veel mee kan.
    Dank voor je lieve reactie op mijn blog :D!
    Liefs, Ilona xxx

    1. Hallo lieve Ilona,
      Het blijft schipperen tussen tijd om te doen wat ik wil en tijd om te doen wat moet gebeuren. Herkenbaar ? ;-)
      De werkbank heb ik bij het Kabinet in Gouda gemaakt. Hele fijne winkel waar ze vaak workshops geven. En maar 25 minuten van mij vandaan. Ik heb wel geluk daarmee.
      Geniet van de zonnige herfstdag!
      Liefs XXX

  7. Good to have you back... and you made me grin while I was nodding with your remark about the time you've been absent going away in a blink of an eye. I still have no idea what happened to the months in this year and I can't believe that November will be here on Thursday. This thought makes me shout "aaaaahhhhhrrrgggghhhh" for sure… ;O) You've made some wonderful purchases and I really keep my fingers crossed that this fabulous fridge will not be too big for this house. I must say that I like the bed more being placed on the purple wall, according to my poor taste the dark checkers match well with the purple wall and I would not want to sleep in front of the doors - but as you said… it's the little people who have to cope with this. Wherever you'll place it, it will look great. But as far as your terrific work bench is concerned the new place is much better than the one you'd intended. The sofa looks better in the nook, a place for making yourself comfortable while looking out of the window - while the new corner for the bench is just perfect. I think this offers the opportunity for one or two additional shelves for stuff… one can never have enough space for crafting stuff, right? Btw it made me smile to discover a familiar little friend… the tiny house from the architect figurine set by Playmobil. I've just worked on two of them, one for a future project and the other one for a project that is not so far away anymore. I think your little house will be able to meet his relative at my blog soon...


    1. You totally get it! I would love to snuggle up on that sofa, looking out the window daydreaming with a cup of tea. And yes indeed: shelves! That was my thought too when I changed the layout. No self-respecting miniaturist could do without more stuff on shelves :-D
      I didn't know it was a playmobil house, I got it in a bag of "little things that might be useful " that I received from a friend.
      Have a great sunny fall!
      Hugs XXX

  8. Has estado muy ocupada. Me encantan las compras y especialmente el frigorífico.
    La cama me gusta más en la pared púrpura.
    El taller es precioso y las casitas me encantan, son monísimas !!!!


    1. Gracias Eloisa,
      Creo que la cama es hermosa en todas partes. No puedo elegir.
      Las casas son de jacominis.com

  9. I love your work bench and the tiny house being decorated it is gorgeous. It is in a perfect spot and the sofa will be a lovely sunny place to relax and read some books.
    I like the bed at the purple wall.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Thank you Maria, the bed on the purple wall seems to be favourite. I still don't know. I wish the little people could talk and help ;-)

  10. I disappear for months some times but come back in full force. Its good, I think, to take a creative break now and then.

  11. Hi Veronique! I'm sorry I am so late to comment... I got caught up in the Deadline for Halloween! LOL! I LOVE your workbench!!! It is so filled with lovely works in progress and tiny tools! I am hoping to make one for Pollyanna ..... Someday I will get to it! Meanwhile I can understand the trouble you are having with placing the furniture! It is the biggest problem with these kits... they look so charming from outside... but all the windows and doors... and small floor space makes it really really hard to place even the minimum amount of furniture! I am having the same dilemma with my Hardwick Hall....! In real scale these houses would have to be bigger... but then none of us could fit them into our RL homes! LOL! I do love your fridge and the bed would be a shame to not use... I think I would try at the back of the room and mostly leave one of the door panels shut? At least it allows for another piece close to the front... the wardrobe or dressing table where you can see the details... Decisions Decisions! I hope you find time for minis again soon! :):)

    1. Thank you Betsy, you are not late commenting at all! I am still trying to catch up.
      I know, these house are supposed to be 1:12 but fitting in furniture is indeed a challenge.
      Maybe I will change the room every 6 months and that way both options get an equal chance.
      Not a lot of time for minis yet but every so often I sneak in a little something (a toilet, a fabric, a rug...).