zondag 1 juli 2018

Choices - keuzes

I continued with the build despite the heat. I added both the bays and I extended the one on the bathroom side. To keep the house light and easy to carry, I used foam board. It will all be rendered so you won't be able to see the different materials.
I also added the wall thingies on the front that go along the entire height of the house.

I added the dormer walls and the back wall in the attic.  That's when it got complicated. Lots of small parts and words I don't know. It was too hot to really get stuck in so I started on the bathroom.
I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Ik ben verder gegaan met bouwen ondanks de hitte. Ik heb de erkers toegevoegd en de erker aan de badkamer kant uitgebreid. Om het huis licht en draagbaar te houden heb ik foam board gebruikt. De buitenkant wordt gestuukt dus dan zie je de verschillende materialen niet meer.
Ik heb ook de muur dingen aan de zijvoorkant toegevoegd, die over de hele hoogte van het huis gaan.

Ik heb de muren voor de dakkapellen en de achterwand op zolder geplaatst en toen werd het ingewikkeld met veel kleine stukjes en benamingen die mij niets zeggen. Het was te warm om me erin te verdiepen dus ben ik aan de badkamer begonnen.
De foto's spreken voor zich.

Extra space in the bathroom De extra ruimte in de badkamer

The wall thingies on the side that go the whole height. De muur dingen aan de zijvoorkant.

And then the house took a piece of me. Literally. En toen nam het huis letterlijk een hap van me.

The paper is just to protect the freshly painted floor Het papier is slechts om de pas geschilderde vloer te beschermen.

 It's strange that on the picture it looks like one is yellow, and one is not because in real life they are both equally bright and white. I will however dim them a bit because I will add two lights by the mirror and I still want it to look cosy.

Het is vreemd dat een lamp geler lijkt dan de andere want in het echt zijn ze beide even wit en fel. Ik ga ze wel wat dimmen want er komen nog twee lampjes aan weerskanten van de spiegel en het moet niet te fel worden.

Now, what colour to choose? The grey circle is to simulate the mirror that will be in a French window.  It will be painted an aged grey. 
I love all things lilac, purple and pink and therefore would pick the lilac. I associate it with luxury however the ice blue looks good too.
The light yellow and clay colour fit extremely well but seem to me to be too much on the safe side. So what to choose?

Welke kleur zal ik kiezen? De grijze cirkel stelt de spiegel voor die in een Frans raam zal zijn. Het zal in oud grijs geverfd worden.
Ik ben dol op alle kleuren paars, roze en lila en heb dus een voorkeur voor de lila optie. Ik associeer dat met luxe maar de ijsblauwe muur ziet er ook mooi uit.
Het licht gele en de klei kleur passen wel heel goed bij de tegels maar lijken me wat veilig. Dus wat te kiezen?

I will have to take on the top floor so wish me luck!

Ik zal me op de bovenste verdieping moeten storten dus wens me sterkte!

Thank you for visiting my blog

Dank je dat je mijn blog bezoekt.

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  1. Hi Veronique! You are making some wonderful adjustments to this kit! (I am sorry it "bit" you!) Those tall wall pieces on the sides of the back were too "wide" for my liking... so I made them narrower in my project and it allows more access to the interior rooms. I love what you are doing with the bathroom... those tiles are gorgeous! I would choose lavender if it is your favorite... you are the one who should be pleased! (I would choose lavender for me too! LOL) This whole project is coming along wonderfully and so quickly! I look forward to seeing what your plans are for the attic! :)

    1. Interesting idea to make those pieces narrower. I have contemplated the option but since I want to attach a cover I will need them in the original width. It also provides more counter space in the kitchen.
      I must say, it's quite an adventure, building from scratch and adapting the build to my wishes. Now I understand your process much better and admire you even more!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear the house is not as well behaved as it should be… But this didn't stop you from making amazing progress! I really like the way your bathroom develops - the mother-of-pearls-tiles look awesome. I've used free shaped ones for the kitchen floors of my witch towers so I have a good feeling that your walls look even better in reality than they already do at your pictures. And the ceiling too is fascinating, the paper (?) you've used has a stunning effect, especially in combination with those lights. About your question - I would go for purple/lavender too. As Betsy already said, it's your project so it should be to your liking. But purple would also be my choice, it's elegant and fits well with the tiles, the silver tub and the grey you're going to use for the mirror.

    Birgit (who has made a test purchase at Nalladris in the meantime… I'm really excited to try this when it arrives. Hopefully I won't be to dumb to use this *LOL* - thanks for offering your help if I should need it)

    1. Thank you Birgit! Yes it's scrapbooking paper that I used for the ceiling. It has some silver lines on it.
      Oh I hope you are as enthousiastic as I am about the lights. I forgot to order extra wire to make the original wire longer and I forgot to order the shrinking tubes that go over it.
      Curious to see what you make with them!

  3. Oh vaya, ese corte tiene que doloer, espero que se haya curado.
    El baño está quedando genial, me encanta la bañera y la lámpara !!!!

    1. Thank you Eloisa, yes my hand has healed now.
      The bath is a copper soap dish and the lights are beads.
      I like the effect the beads have on the ceiling.

  4. Oei, dat was een flinke hap voor zo'n klein huis ;-). Ik zou gaan voor lila omdat het je favoriete kleur is, en het past ook goed bij grijs! Succes!