woensdag 24 juli 2013

Heatwave - Hittegolf

Summer took a long time finding us. In June we still had to keep the heating on some evenings. But once it came, it came with a vengeance! It is scorching hot and though rain has been promissed, I still haven't seen as much as a cloud. Needless to say, miniature work is somewhat on a halt. It is simply too hot for the inspiration to flow.
All I did was make a little kitchen table from some cardboard and chopsticks for legs. The varnish for the top dried too quickly but it may have given an unexpected used effect.
I also collected some baby snail shells. Once cleaned, I could spray paint them and use them for decoration. For instance on a mirror frame. What do you think?

De zomer liet lang op zich wachten. In juni had ik soms 's avonds nog de verwarming aan maar toen de zomer eindelijk kwam, kwam zij in volle kracht. Onnodig te zeggen dat er weinig uit mijn handen komt deze dagen en dat er weinig miniatuurtjes worden gemaakt.
Ik heb alleen een keukentafel gemaakt van karton en eetstokjes. De verf droogde veel te snel maar heeft daardoor een onverwachts mooi effect veroorzaakt.
Ik heb ook wat baby slakkenhuisjes verzameld. Eenmaal schoongemaakt zal ik ze met een spuitbus verven en kan ik ze gebruiken om bijvoorbeeld een spiegellijst mee te versieren. Wat vinden jullie?

4 opmerkingen :

  1. I think its a fab idea! Don't even need to paint them :)

    1. You might be right, they have a nice sheen once cleaned. I may be decimating the snail population this way though ;-)

  2. Hi Veronique! I like the look of the raw shells too. The colors in them are beautiful. I did not know that they came that small!? How exquisite!


    1. The ominous sound of a hairball being deposited on my pillow woke me up at 5.00 a.m. Once the disaster averted, I couldn't go back to sleep so I had ample time to do some research on snails :-) Apparently snails hatch from eggs (who knew!!). They will eat their own egg shell for the calcium needed to strengthen their snail shell. Sometimes they will eat the egg shell of their "siblings". I think the shells I found belong to those baby snails that could not eat enough calcium and died. I have lots of them buried in the soil of my huge planters made from pallet wood. I think these planters are a snail's paradise. I also have a hedgehog in the garden for whom snails are a delicacy so the balance is kept :-)